• Download our freebits app or sign up on our website freebits.app.
  • When you signup, you get a crypto wallet. You own your private keys. Keep your seed phrase safe and secure.
  • Take photos or videos of potholes, garbage, broken street lights, fallen trees, road blocks.
  • Use appropriate hashtags: #cleanplanet #pothole #garbage #brokenstreetlight #fallentree #roadblock
  • Post the photo or video along with location and a short description.
  • That’s it. We will airdrop free crypto to your wallet.
Cryptics | Dr. Shiva Kintali

Cryptics | Dr. Shiva Kintali

Shiva Kintali

Founder & CEO True Dat. Mathematician, Cryptographer, Ex-Princeton Lecturer preventing & detecting fake photos, videos & misinformation using AI & Blockchain.

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