Freebits — A decentralized global public square

Today we are moving freebits (a decentralized twitter) from “beta” stage to “stable release” stage. Anyone from anywhere can signup and start using all the features.

Freebits is built on top of Eulerchain. We announced the mainnet of EulerChain on March 14, 2021, Pi Day. Euler is the underlying cryptocurrency of EulerChain.

What is Freebits ?

As you are already aware, there is a social media censorship crisis across the world. Creators, journalists, politicians, global leaders & even satire accounts are getting de-platformed. There are several such examples in India, Israel, Palestine, USA and China. Journalists, Governments & citizens everywhere are frustrated that a couple of tech companies are controlling the global social media communications and they are censoring, shadow banning & de-platforming opinions without any transparency.

Freebits is a decentralized, permissionless, censorship-resistant, global micro-blogging social network (built on a new open EulerChain protocol) that cannot be controlled by any tech company. It has a built-in support for decentralized blue checkmark, tamper-proof photos, videos & AI-powered fake detection.

Our mission is to enable journalists, influencers, educators, podcasters, artists, creators, politicians, activists, citizen journalists, celebrities, global leaders and everyone to speak freely to everyone globally, connect with their followers and get tips without any fear of censorship or de-platforming.

More details are in this white paper: This white paper is written in a simple language without any math equations. It is only a 10 minute read.

Freebits platform is free for everyone. No hidden games. No scams. No spammy emails. You create your decentralized ID and own your private keys. You own your Euler. We will never ask you to send your bitcoin or any other crypto. We will never ask you to share your private keys or seed phrases.

We are giving free Euler (the underlying cryptocurrency of our platform) to the first 10,000 signups.

Follow these steps to signup and get free Euler:

If you are on Twitter (with more than 100 followers):

  • Signup at
  • Post your first post (a thoughtful idea, a motivating quote, a simple hello world or anything you want) on First time, you will be asked to create a seed phrase (24 words).
  • Keep your seed phrase secure, do not share it with anyone. We do not store it. We will never ask you to send your seed phrase to us. You need your seed phrase to sign (locally) your posts and to maintain you Euler.
  • Use this seed phrase to “sign and post” your first post on
  • After your first post is published, you will see your DID (your decentralized identity) on your freebits profile page. This is your public key.
  • For example: my public profile page is at and my DID is displayed there. It is this random string that starts with an E: EME8Rp7m3N9LAdRHgYbDpa3pY6UbMjqv76
  • Tweet the following text on twitter: “Follow me on freebits: <your public freebits profile url> #freebits
  • Example tweet: Follow me on freebits: #freebits
  • Your public profile url and the #freebits are the only two required strings in your tweet. In addition, you can write whatever text you want in your tweet.
  • Be careful: Do not post / tweet / send your seed phrase to anyone.
  • That’s it.
  • We will send Euler to your DID (already displayed on your freebits profile). The amount of Euler you get is proportional to your followers on twitter. If you have more than 100 followers on twitter, it is equal to the min(number-of-your-twitter-followers/100, 10,000)
  • Example: If you have 3141 twitter followers, you get 31.41 Euler.
  • There will only be 21 million Euler ever.
  • Only a maximum of 1 million Euler will be distributed (according to the above formula) to the first 10,000 signups i.e., the distribution stops when we reach a cap of 1 million Euler with less than 10,000 signups.
  • Additionally, all these 10,000 users will get an ‘Early Adopter’ NFT badge, when we release NFT support soon.
  • You can use this Euler to tip other users on freebits, tip the individual posts of other users, participate in prediction markets (coming soon), participate in our social contests (coming soon) or create, buy, sell NFTs (coming soon).

If you are on LinkedIn (with more than 500 connections):

  • Follow the same steps as above.
  • Post the following text and image on LinkedIn
  • Image: shown at the beginning of this post.
  • Text: Follow me on freebits: <your public freebits profile url> #freebits Freebits is a decentralized, permissionless, censorship-resistant, global micro-blogging social network (built on a new open blockchain protocol) that cannot be controlled by any tech company or government.
  • If you have more than 500 connections on LinkedIn, the amount of Euler you get is 5.

If you post on LinkedIn and Twitter, you will get both rewards.

Note: The above rewards are only for the first 10,000 signups.

Our iOS app is coming soon.

A quick overview of freebits:

A quick 4 minute video is at

Founder & CEO True Dat. Mathematician, Cryptographer, Ex-Princeton Lecturer preventing & detecting fake photos, videos & misinformation using AI & Blockchain.